Mission Statement
It takes 4 to 5 days of dedication and pride to make one batch of our delicious chips.  We have high standards for what we sell out to our consumers so each step of our process is carefully done and never rushed.  Our attempts to cut corners has conformed us to take up this strict policy and by doing so we are confident that the end result always meet our standards.  With that being said, our product is not just any snack (although it is perfectly fine to enjoy it as such) it is more than that.  It is what you bring out for important guest, serve with wine and brie and to use to impress.  Our hopes are that each bite leads to an experience to indulge in and that our dedication and pride is reflected in our creation.
Our Product
Chyler's Hawaiian Beef Chips
  • PEPPERED -Seasoned with black pepper for a little kick.  It's great for BBQs and served up with your favorite brew.
  • Mild- Our peppered turned down to enjoy with out any spice.  Great for kids and those who like a sweeter side of our chips.
  • Furikake- Coated with furikake, our beef chips take on a fun way to enjoy our it's unique qualities.  Kids love this flavor especially on popcorn.
  • Wasabi- Our wasabi is mostly enjoyed by adults.  It's bold enough for all wasabi lovers yet subtle for all others.  It's a taste needed to be experienced.

Bag Sizes
1.65oz -Perfect for personal enjoyment.
3.15oz -Great for sporting events, impress guest or to enjoy with a special someone.
7oz -Excellent for parties, gifts, tailgating, meetings etc.
How can you get our product?
  • Side Street Inn ON HOLD FOR NOW.  They sell both our mild and peppered in our 1.75 oz. and 3.25 oz bags.  This is the best option if you just want to buy a few bags right away.
  • We deliver our product if the order is $50 or more.  It is an opportunity for us to get to know our customers and vice versa.  Due to the size of our operation and the amount that can be produced within a week delivery date will have to be scheduled.  Also there is no need for tips the reward for delivery is meeting our customers.
  • The website is also another way to get our product.  We produce 800 - 1000 of our 2 oz bags in a week so sells are on first come first serve basis.  Our customers satisfaction means a lot to us so if we are currently out of stock email us at: autumn@chylerhbc.com or text us at 1-808-398-6360.  We are constantly producing everyday so our inventory will be updated daily.  Please leave comments in our comment box on our ABOUT page.  It takes two weeks to receive!!!
Hawaiian Beef Chips ON HOLD FOR NOW AT Side Street Inn!!!  STILL BEST PLACE TO EAT!!!
For all that do not know about Side Street Inn you are truly missing out on great eats.  Known to all who go regularly, the signature pork chops is a must have especially if it's your first time.  Along with the chops is a list of cuisine you could pick at random and it will definitly not disappoint.  Dinner there has always been beyond satisfaction for us.  So, for your next dine out make sure that it's at Side Street Inn and make sure you eat alot, save room for desert because that's great also and buy a bag or two of our Hawaiian Beef Chips for later.
Look for this sign when driving down Hopaka
To:Side Street Inn
1225 Hopaka st, HI 96814
Number and Street:
Do you need it right away?
Website orders take two weeks to receive.  
Side Street Inn orders has been put on hold for now.  ORDER by phone: