About Us
  • It takes 4 to 5 days of dedication and pride to make one batch of our delicious chips.  We have high standards for what we sell out to our consumers so each step of our process is carefully done and never rushed.  Our attempts to cut corners has conformed us to take up this strict policy and by doing so we are confident that the end result always meet our standards.
  • Our Product comes in four different flavors and three different sizes.
  • Our production is limited due to the amount of time it takes to produce.  We do however work with our customers to meet their needs.  The volume and the date needed determines the probability that we will be able to do so.  With that said it's best to give us notice in advance to complete the order.
  • We are truly proud of our product as any parent should be for their child.  We hope that each bite reflects our commitment, passion, pride and dedication that a creator, inventor or parent puts into their creation.
About Us
The Business

  • When did we Start? We started in June of 2004 while trying to make beef jerky to encourage our daughter to try different foods, we invented a whole new snack by mistake.  After sharing our invention with friends and family a demand started to grow as the beef chips were being passed on to people we've never met before.  So three years later we officially became a business.
  • What's with the name?  It took us a while before we came up with the name.  Our unique texture got a lot of people saying "it's not really a jerky it's kind of like a chip".  So we adopted the idea and added Hawaiian because it's was invented in Hawaii and came up with Hawaiian Beef Chips.  Chyler is the name of our daughter who is also our inspiration so we present it as if it's her gift.
  • What are Our Future Goals?  We are very proud of our product and hope that it will be enjoyed world wide.  So our goal is to see our product in stores all over the world.  We also want the experience of enjoying our product to grow by creating a variety of flavors.
The Product
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Calsen Aiwohi
Autumn Butac
Telephone #  (808) 398 6360
website  www.ChylerHBC.com
Manufactured at:
745 Fort Street Mall
Honolulu, Hi 96813

Address is not place of business it's where the product is produced.  Please place large orders in the comments box.
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